Ready Set Go

You got this.


Do you have a dream to be an ArtisticPreneur? Is your dream on hold during this time of the Coronavirus or has the disease acted to make you even more driven to achieve your dream. Different people react to pressure in different ways. Some find pressure defeating while others see it as an opportunity to thrive.

How Does it Work?

Pursuing the achievement of a big goal is sadly not a one size fits all. Think of how wonderful it would be if you were to want a career in the arts all you would have to do is climb the Artist Steps. Unfortunately it does not work like this.

It Can Be Your Friend

Truth be told COVID-19 is always looming for most of us. The worry of contracting the virus can be overwhelming. For many all aspirations go on hold. Don’t let this happen to you. Instead, wherever you may be: California, Florida or even New York, keep your eye on the prize. If for example you are in NYC think of the Manhattan Coronavirus as being your friend. Because hey, you got this.