Why is a Question Mark Being Hoisted for the Marquee of Education?

Look, we understand teachers have challenges and bandwidth issues. We know the schools don’t have the budget etc. etc. But at some point educators and administrators of those educators need to wake up and smell the coffee. The “get a good job” yadda yadda left the building a long time ago. Someone needs to open their eyes because isn’t education supposed to have at least a component of usefulness?

Alert. Teachers at every level and especially in high schools need to teach the subject matter of how to start a home or small business now. We need to get your attention if we don’t already have it and are going to do so by linking to this article about a fellow who has really large feet.

If you did check out the post that the link, links to, worry not. He is not going to eat you. At least not right now. He just had a snack.

It is important for all educators to read this. Look, if you haven’t noticed, the world has changed. More people are staying indoors, often in their houses or apartments. Those without a remote job, need to make something happen. Unemployment is not going to go on forever. You need to create a Home Business as discussed in this piece in the blog, The Big Apple Awards.

So why is the question mark being hoisted for the marquee of education? It’s because it doesn’t make any sense to not teach useful stuff. Stuff that the student can use for starting a home business or other entrepreneurial venture. If you want to see what happens to students when they are not properly educated, click here.