When “Alone Time” Goes too Far

Seeking a Cure

Everyone needs alone time now and again, some more than others. But can one have more alone time than they can deal with? Those of us who have families do not have to worry as much as about being lonely than folks who are in lockdown in an apartment in New York City with no one else around. This can lead to that lone person selecting a drug of choice, not literally pharmaceuticals but rather something like going on binges watching documysteries. Some sites in the network analyze viewing a documystery as a cure.

Will You Enter the Arcade?

There are those who say that too many documysteries can lead to entering the Arcade of Confusion. For those of us in the Big Apple, the worst hit city in the nation, it is easy to fall into the trap of thinking that media is the cure to coping. But as our daily blogger says in the current installment of the daily website Manhattan Coronavirus, staying indoors can lead to entering the arcade of confusion.

The New Normal

Using entertainment as a coping mechanism is not new, but the context in which it appears now can not have been anticipated. The blog Entertainment Entrepreneurship has just posted a story about virtual reality versus the new reality (the “New Normal”).