We want flowers from our coffee.

Let it Bloom

Those of us in NYC who drink lots of coffee are starting the day differently. Some of us used to go to Starbucks or in our case, a small coffee café in Washington Heights. We would buy our coffee ready made. Now because of the virus and the protests we other join others in the cause or we make coffee for ourselves or even both. It makes one wish to become a mentalist so we can look into the future and see where this is all going. In short, we desire our coffee to present us with flowers, meaning we drink coffee to have a more awake message and New York City could really use the blooming of new things.

Not Since the Sixties

Though, there are some of us who stay inside and cheer those who are in this protest for the right motive which is change. Unfortunately this message is often missed because of the destruction that is surrounding important ideas and instead are framing it as tragedy. For artists this is an opportunity to climb their artists steps to revelations in their work. Not since the sixties have we seen a movement like this.

Hope for Morning Coffee Flowers

There are also those here in Manhattan who are feeling trapped. The latest edition of the Manhattan Coronavirus blog has this as their topic. Rather than feeling trapped there are also those of us who are cheering on those who are marching for the right reasons. The hope is that this isn’t perceived in the wrong way. It is beautiful the way some are marching. Let’s just hope that as we sip our morning coffee that we see flowers.