US Make a Difference

Everyone doing their part.


US, we’ve had some tough times lately. But important changes are coming about because of the pain. And there’s a new website that is for an awards show that is an outgrowth of another awards show which was done annually in New York City for a decade. Even if you are still on lockdown you can participate. You can do so by using the approach of the “US Make a Difference” Awards.

Houdini Day

Even magicians and other entertainers are becoming a part of the change as seen in “USA Magicians.” When we communicated with a USA Magicians, he told us that they perform for senior centers and kids in hospitals on Houdini Day, as well as do other charity events throughout the year.


And our friends at DIYdigi are, as always, making a difference too. If all of us do our part, the US will continue to evolve.