Tissue Still Issue

Mystery of holding on to the new gold in NYC?!

Mystery of Tissue and Crime in the City

Tissue is still an issue in the big city. “Why?” is not clear. If I owned a toilet paper company I’d go into hyperdrive. The same goes for decent medical masks. The reason behind the MYSTERY of this are not known. Buy here in Manhattan, there are a lot more mysteries as well. A big one is why are the looters and vandals allowed to continue their control? What about the police? Why not bring in help? Why is it not known who the perpetrators are? A quick look at this can be found in “DIY Digi” which in this particular blog there seems to be more of a concern about safety than marketing. And it’s a mystery too.

Mystery of Not Acting When Public Safety Depends on It

Buy the mysteries continue beyond why so little tissue and why not get rid of the criminals? In relation to the latter, we are giving the label “criminal” to those who are breaking into small businesses and stealing. Another mystery is quickly explored in the latest post of DocuMystery.

And Yet Another Mystery

And then there is the daily blog “Manhattan Coronavirus.” They examine long distant relationships that don’t have to be long distance since they both live in the same city.