Three Brief Stories

Three families, all wanting to see the light of day, in this age of Theft, Vandalism and COVID-19.

A new way to shop, a Disney character rises to the occasion and digital freelancers have hit their sweet spot are our three brief stories for today. Each with a different kind of family.

Quarantine Adventure

The first tale to pop up is the analyzing about the new way to shop as seen at Manhattan Coronavirus. This housebound family makes it to Day 91 that they’ve been in lockdown. Manhattan Coronavirus is the blog that has been literally, every day bringing you the latest from their quarantine adventure.

Giggles Anyone?

Another adventure is one in which a canine takes the lead. As you may recall, Mickey Mouse has hit rock bottom and can’t even get out of bed anymore, so he is having Pluto manage the day to day of the Mouse family. Disneyite again, has a story that might cause you to giggle.

Finding Solace

DigiRefer covers a different kind of family. First we had the Manhattan Coronavirus family, followed by the Disneyite family and finally now, the DigiRefer Family. No blood relations here, but DigiRefer does indeed resemble a certain kind of family in which members find solace in each other.