Things are Chaotic Here in NYC

Getting Demands Out There

What a weird time this is. Some say that the world is coming to an end. Or maybe it’s just humans being humans in a more external way than usual? There are important issues being looked at though. And I get that the protesters, looters and vandals are achieving better results to get their message out since they started to trash stores, light buildings (and cars) on fire and spray paint their demands.

Whose Fault is This?

So whose fault is all this? First and foremost it is the people who could have given a green light to putting more dollars into community building but did not. These politicians didn’t do it via the seekers “playing nice” so the change makers upped their game and started shooting people and knocking down statues. Now those who are a part of the revolution have gotten the ear of the mayor for example, who is thoroughly frightened and is willing to do virtually anything they want including giving them a billion dollars of taxpayer money. What’s the lesson here? Might makes right!

Fireworks Bring on Ominous Stories

Meanwhile, there are those who believe that the protestors are behind the influx of fireworks in Upper Manhattan. Check out the fire works story here on and YOU decide.

Do You Want to Write and Publish a “How To” Ebook?

Going now in a completely different direction, we take a look at the ideas of writing your own “How To” eBook and getting it published. “Invent Mentalism” is doing that right now and are sharing their story.

Online Marketing

And finally, let’s take a look at “marketing.” DIYdigi has a lot to say on this topic today, as they look into the question “Does Email Marketing work?”