Things are changing.

Everybody Loves a CAUSE

“Things are changing” is quite an open ended statement that in these trying times can mean many things. Though, in this edition, we are not exploring current affairs. We are looking instead at something very specific. It is the question: what is up with DIYdigi? It wasn’t known by many in the industry that they were working on an eBook on “Cause Marketing.” This form of marketing is thought of fondly by many agencies.

Home Business Achievers?

But then suddenly, DIYdigi was no longer the entity working on it. It had mysteriously been passed to an organization which is not yet even a collective because it is merely a group of a few folks that call themselves home business achievers.

Two Blogs with No Mentions

The website Corona Virus After (they are pretty plugged in with DIYdigi) don’t even mention the change. Nor does Create Profitable Marketing that is the brain child of DIYdigi.

The lesson here is that you’ll never know what happens next. Things are changing.