The Not New Normal


We like to think about this blog about blogs that we are bringing to people some of the stories of New York City and beyond. The protests in NYC changed a lot. The focus was taken off of public safety and onto justice. In times like these the city can be in an unrest, but then as things start to “normalize,” hopefully that which was being sought is actualized. We’ll see. Sadly the country is even more divided. This has brought out the best in some people. If you haven’t seen the Trevor Noah video yet you should really check it out. He puts everything into perspective better than any of our politicians. And some are still in lockdown such as our friends of the Manhattan Coronavirus blog.


Entertainment often involves storytelling and even in these turbulent times we sometimes need to pause. A great way to rest sometimes is to see some entertainment to take our minds off of things. Although live entertainment has still not really come back, you can always check out a magician or even a mentalist online. One of our favorite online publications that actually gives a behind the scenes look at mentalism is Invent Mentalism.

Taking it Seriously

We’ve talked thus far a little about the seeking of justice and one neighborhood in Manhattan that is doing this very seriously is Inwood Manhattan. What are their stories?