The Game

Long Term Growth

As of this writing, the third in line in terms of net worth is Warren Buffett.  He is known for holding on to stocks over the long term and believes that you need to hold on to a stock sometimes as long as a decade of more before seeing any real growth.

Your Unique Perspective

As experts will tell you, diversification is a good approach, so that not all your money is in one place but rather spread out over many different investments. Also, reinvention is a good one. You may see your holdings in one way, but with a few tweaks you can reinvent your portfolio. This can occur by seeing your investments in a whole new light. This is case in point with being an innovator. Do not follow the pack except when it is prudent to do so. Otherwise, factor in enough wiggle room so your unique perspective and convictions can come through.

Push the Boundaries

But you must always be disciplined, hold on tight and look at your investments as what they are, a way to make more money. But just because that is the end goal doesn’t mean you can not push the boundaries.


Just as every person is different, billionaires are different too. Take for example Oprah. She could have done an average talk show but instead aspects of her unique and passionate personality came through. She showed how making a difference can be its own reward.

Careful of Haters

A very important component of success involves not listening to haters. Haters can come in many forms. They can be your friends, your family and others. Just because they do not see your vision does not mean that it is wrong.

One option for success can be to take on a partner. It can make it a less lonely road.