Digital Education

The Evolution of an Idea


You’ve got to start somewhere and it does not matter what you begin with as long as your intent is clear with yourself. You are tasked with the transforming a small concept into a big result. This is the overall theme of the entries (below) we bring you today.

Are You Psychic?

Our first post has to do with the age long desire for psychic ability to be a real thing. Because then just imagine what is possible creatively. This exploration is on the site Become a Mentalist.

Keep it Simple!

The next phase in our creative process has to do with simplification because one of the the hardest things to do is to not overcomplicate. This is detailed on the website of ArtisticPreneur.

A Work in Progress

And finally, you are likely going to want to get your work in progress out there as can be read about on the site of DIYdigi.