The Blog Landscape is Changing or it is Not

Changing or Not?

There are different ways you can process the change that is happening: with fear or with love. For some it is impossible to see what is happening because they are still wearing the glasses of the past. Everything is changing and has already changed because “The Blog Landscape is Changing or is Not.”

The Feelings have Been Pushed Through

Please make it not about sides. Because fear doesn’t have a side. It is just plain fear. And love doesn’t have a side either. Can you combine the two? It is currently a world that is new that is actually an old saying: “Might makes right.” Pure and simple, if you feel threatened you are in need of perspective. The concepts of revolution haven’t changed for more than a millennium. It’s still the same old, same old and it is not going away. The feelings have been pushed through and are not going to be taken back in.

DIYdigi and OffMedia

One organization that is living in the process is DIYdigi. They are a marketing group though they prefer to be called value providers. The company OffMedia is much the same.

What Now?

So what are we to do now.? Let’s look at DIYdigi’s recent blog post entitled “Will DIYdigi make the adjustment needed in the new revolution?”

Are You On the Train?

The awards show “US Make a Difference” Awards is getting on the train also and their current blog entry is: “Is a change a revolution?”

The New-New Age?

And finally a big part of USA Online Business is looking at what is happening and to process how to leverage it. Thankfully the site named for this faction is the term itself “USA Online Business.” If you click through to them you will see that they are looking for a way in that makes sense because we need to look at the way that business promotion is changing in the new age. Which we like to call the New-New age.