Searching for the Answer

Are You the Real You?

It’s not fun not having a clear direction. Especially if you yearn for a lucid path to take. There are a lot of doorways to enlightenment being offered, everything from religions to business marketing systems. And we’re not here to say that none of these work. They may ring true and be productive for certain members of the public but are they for you? Who are you? Do you ever wonder this? Are you the real you? Manhattan Magician has lately been asking such questions.

Always Keep Learning

But this search for reality and being grounded can be a dangerous one. You can think you’ve found what you’re looking for only to discover it’s not true. If you have kids, the most important thing you can do is to raise them to the best of your ability and keep them out of harm’s way. During this time of crisis we’ve thought that children and young people are safe from the virus. According to Manhattan Kids Guide and their message from the DOE, this may not be true.

Getting Where You Want to Go

And at the opposite end of the spectrum in terms of age, are our seniors. They are said to be the most vulnerable. Older individuals in the big cities such as New York are having a challenging time. Many have died. Were the right guidelines being followed? If we were to take a look at the blog Manhattan Coronavirus, we’d discover that it’s possible that in our desire for truth we may not always get where we want to go.