Sales is What You Do First

Design Your Future Audience

Before you even start writing your eBook you need to think about who your masterpiece will be purchased by. If none of your artistic motivations have an audience, it is back to the drawing board. You need to have buyers and if you design what you are doing toward your future customers, all the better.

Be Super Specific

There’s really no point in not writing for an audience if a monetary return is desired by you. You want it to be nonfiction and to sell a solution or solve a pain point. Plus, you want this group you are targeting to be super specific.

Step by Step

Got your future buyer in mind? Great. Now let the writing begin. More ideas on “selling” can be found at today’s DIYdigi. Another great place to look at is Art Gush’s latest. Or if you like things step by step we recommend visiting Artist Steps.