Your Blog Business

Running Your Blog Business


It’s kind of cool that these days all you need to be in business is your phone which chances are you already have. It’s like Dorothy in “Wizard of Oz,” when she has had the secret all along in her slippers. The modern day slippers is your smartphone. But as we learn in DigiComArts today, you have to work for your success.

Aspects of Your Processes

Working hard can also mean getting help from websites like DigiRefer where you can get digital workers. As much of your work as possible should be assigned to others. Don’t get caught up in the fear that only you can do the job correctly. Let others take on aspects of your processes.

Some Things Get Easier

And yes, this is all happening in a time when we have become mask people. For some of us online such as Manhattan Coronavirus, we see mostly medical mask folks. These days that is the new normal when running your blog business from on your device. In a period of lockdown, some things get harder and some things get easier.