Projects to Announce

A new video has been made currently on the homepage of

Create a Video

As you may recall, a while back we talked with you about the benefits of starting a blog. We now have news that has some helpful insights to add to the conversation about blogging. Another project that has been working on is, as of this writing, a new video on their homepage. Creating a video is a great way to communicate.

Awards Show Decision

And we continue to field questions about what entity will be the successor of the annual Platinum PIAs Awards after their ten year run in Manhattan? We are told that the Platinum PIAs folks have finally, and truly, make a decision. The goal of the Platinum PIAs was to find a worthy and budding awards show that would carry on the PIAs mission of making a difference in the US. It makes sense then that the PIAs would select The US Make a Difference Awards Show.

Stamas Bros

And finally, a rather goofy web post was created by the Stamas Bros. For those of you who have been living under a rock, the Stamas Bros are a duo that is finding their voice. They started with dishing out mirth, and now might be going a more serious direction.