New Yorkers Not Taking it Easy

The elite on both coasts have options when it comes to facing theft and vandalism.


Ask most New Yorkers in confidence what they think of this “Pandemic Meets Looting/Protesting” and they will tell you that they are ready for the grandstanding to end and to start developing a takeaway of what we have learned. In short, New Yorkers are not taking it easy. Just look at what resident bloggers are saying in publications including Manhattan Coronavirus. They are happy that a light has shined on important issues, but that making a point can sometimes go too far. Many New Yorkers have gone to their houses in the Hamptons if they have one or are seriously looking at relocating their family.

How Much Longer Must We Stay Inside?

Meanwhile on the other coast, Hollyweird is engaged in the Celebify process by marching and posing for pictures. They got the help of the National Guard while we did not. Our mayor has left the building and doesn’t appear to have the respect or leadership skills to bring us together, nor does he seem to have much of a light upstairs. The mayor has said “no” to the NG, presumably to prevent our president from making NYC a “Police State.” Who knows. All we, of the people who actually live in Manhattan, believe (mostly) is that there is now yet another reason to not go outside.

Neighborhood Investing Down the Tubes

I and my family live in the city and are fairly close to the border of the Bronx. One would hope for a happier story there, but they are suffering too. In fact in the blog Bronx News NYC business owners are said to bring into question those protesting/looting on their streets. Small businesses with local owners are dismayed by the vandalism and theft and are seeing their investment in their neighborhood going down the tubes.

Again, it is terrific that these events have started an important dialogue. But how much more of the looting and destruction can we take?! Let alone further growth of COVID-19?