New York City and Neighbors Online

For an older person such as myself, it’s not a “Walk in the Park” to avoid getting COVID while taking a, well, walk in the park!

A Walk in the Park?

My wife and our middle school daughter are talking about taking a walk today to the park. They have asked me to come along. To be honest, I wasn’t at all happy with our last walk in which we encountered many who had a very cavalier attitude toward COVID-19. We passed many young people who were not wearing masks and were easily within spitting distance while they coughed, laughed and brushed against us with no sense of social distance.

It’s Better to Be a Beta Tester

Although the thought of getting more Vitamin B12 from the sun’s rays sounds good in theory, at this point in the Big Apple, it is better to seek out indoor activities such as checking up on, the owners of which are looking for Beta Testers for their marketing methodology. I’d rather be a Beta Tester indoors on the computer, than to catch the Coronavirus from a screaming teen.

Be a Teacher

And just because you’re inside doesn’t mean you can’t engage in community activities such as volunteering as an educator for Lights Camera Read. Or for that matter, being a web teacher at Magic Neighbors.

It Just Takes a Sneeze

We spent over 100 days in our apartment, with the closest to venturing out being to bring recyclable items to the downstairs collection bins. It’s been tough staying within the walls of our condo, but it is better than being in the center of the Pandemic such as by going outdoors and potentially dying because of a young person’s sneeze.