New eBook on its Way

T.G.I.F. Attempt Last Friday

You may notice that today is Monday and there hasn’t been any activity on this blog since Friday. That’s because we are trying to make the the transition to spending our time like normal people do. You know, work Monday to Friday and then have the weekends off…Not! Still worked over the weekend a bit. Darn!

The Experiment

Our first first website with an eBook connection, is that of “Invent Mentalism.” This was our first eBook in this experiment and it was pretty successful. Check out a post about the eBook here.

eBooks and Violence

Next check-in is a snippet on a juxtaposition of living in Inwood Manhattan and the violence, while simultaneously writing an eBook.

And the Experiment Continues

And finally, a look at what DIYdigi is up to, in conjunction with news of the writing of the next eBook in the “eBook Experiment.”