Marketing The New Normal (MTNN)

Doing Research and Collecting Data

Are you holding the remote for your life? There are some who look at the Pandemic as being an interrupption and when it is “over” life will go back to “normal.” Of course, this is not a true analysis of what is happening. Yes COVID-19 was disrupting, but it has changed the way we live forever. Introducing the new normal. Nobody knows what it is because we cannot predict the trends…Or can we? And not only that, marketers of today can never sit on their promotional laurels because everything is moving at an increased rate, and someone who is truly committed to getting their finger on the pulse, must be agile. Research is ongoing as can be seen at Manhattan Coronavirus.

Rose Colored Glasses

MagicPreneur is the name of a blog and is a term that is used not only to describe an entrepreneurial entertainer, but is also used to represent an individual who is magic and thinks like a business person. Being a MagicPreneur means being someone who is looking to the future, doing their due diligence in the present and then developing marketing campaigns based on what is known but also anticipating and “marketing the new normal.” To be a MagicPreneur requires taking of the rose colored glasses and putting on those of the realist idealist.

Rich Resource

And yes, as trite as the saying goes these days, we truly are in this together. In the marketing world it is going to require playing nice in the sandbox. None of us has the answer but collectively we can project a better concept of what is to come. First and foremost we should all be Magic Neighbors and therefore tap into our former naïve childhood perspective juxtaposed with the disappointments or highlights moving into adulthood. We can within ourselves be a rich resource.


Are you holding the remote for your life? Why are you holding a remote in the first place. Remotes are already a thing of the past. DIYdigi beckons you. DIYdigi represents the concept of “Do It Yourself Digital.” This includes digital marketing, digital eBooks and digital transformation. All these are described in more detail in this USA How To article and represent tools we now have at our disposal. So throw out the remote to your life. Use the new digital tools that when combined with the data we can gather using the techniques described in this post, can set us free to achieve MTNN also known as Marketing The New Normal!”