Learning from the amazing accomplishments of others.

“A winner is a dreamer who never gives up.” – Nelson Mandela

It May Not Be what You Think it is

Do you have something you desire to achieve? Has this thing been on your mind a lot lately but you haven’t done anything about it? We ask that you think hard on the thing that you want to do and we are putting out there the possibility is that your passion might not be what you think it is as seen at today’s post on the Artist Steps website.

Have You Checked Out DIGdigi?

We only recently discovered that our passion is helping others make a difference. Most importantly, doing this made us feel good. Whereas what we thought was our original dream for the most part made us feel bad. So we are quite happy to have discovered something positive to focus on. What is your true focus? If you know what it is DIGdigi might be able to help you make it a reality as seen in this post.

What is Pushing You Forward?

People have all kinds of dreams ranging from getting into politics to becoming a mentalist. On the Become a Mentalist website today there is a post about looking closely at what you desire and maybe finding out that something else is what is pushing you to move forward.