Keep taking pictures.

NYC Create

Keep taking pictures? If you’re like my family, especially where we live in New York City, you are still staying indoors to avoid catching COVID-19. But we’re never bored. This is because I, my wife and our 11 year old daughter, keep taking pictures. The concept of “Keep on taking pictures” is really a metaphor for being creative. That’s right, being engaged with a creative project can mean never feeling restless again while staying indoors. If you’re interested in learning more, there’s a relevant post on the NYCcreate website.

New York City Apprenticeships in Media

And folks, if you’re thinking you need art supplies, or a camera or whatever you don’t have “gets in the way of being creative” you’re feeding yourself a bunch of baloney. And I say that as a vegetarian. Keept taking pictures? You see, in my opinion, in order to be creative these days, all one needs is a phone as seen in the recent post from NYC AIM (New York City Apprenticeships in Media).

Be Creative at Home

All right. Let’s say you have your phone loaded with all the apps that you need to do your creative work. What now? Maybe what you need at this point is a little inspiration. At the Manhattan Coronavirus website there is a family that has stayed indoors for 79 days. They believe that that the reason they’ve been able to survive in lockdown is based on the philosophy that promotes that you “Be creative at home.” In other words, keep taking pictures!