Is Intermission Over Yet?

Staying Healthy

Is intermission over yet? When do we finally step out of lockdown? The protestors did. The science is not fully out for what that may have done to their health. At the very least, because they are for the most part young, they could be carriers leading to sickness in their elders. Someone trying to stay healthy by remaining inside is the blogger of Manhattan Coronavirus.

Marketer Magician and Manhattan Magician

Manhattan Magician meanwhile is exploring things like love and illusion. Two topics that if taken alone could result in a lifetime of contemplation. In the case of Manhattan Magician he is comparing love for him versus that of his pal Marketer Magician.

Zoom to the Rescue

Marketer Magician, like many, is seeking love but is finding that a quarantine is not necessarily the best time to do this unless you use Zoom a lot.