Ready Set Go

Horror Movie Star Helps Coalition with Interview

Showcasing Work was created to document the process of DIYdigi doing various media experiments. It is also a forum where those of the Blog Coalition have an opportunity to showcase their work.

DIYdigi Post

It only works because it is a collaboration with some of the sharpest minds in the medium of multimedia. It also intersects with the world of marketing as seen in the latest post of

Shedding Light

This Coalition and web publication also makes space for unique comedy acts that talk about marketing also but in a whole new way. We’re talking of course about the Stamas Bros seen here in their latest odyssey about shedding light on the masked man.

The Original “Night of the Living Dead”

And of course there is room for the all important moviemaking process (also known as the Movie Process Website that recently collaborated with Thrillumentary raising a question about their interview with the star of the original 1968 version and classic “Night of the Living Dead.”