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Focus Group Looks at Unpublished eBooks

“USA Make a Difference’s” Unpublished eBooks

At, we are thankful for the effort of the head of the Blog Coalition focus group. This group consists of readers of our blog. They were asked to share their opinions regarding the unpublished Business and Marketing eBooks from “USA Make a Difference.” Thanks also to the focus group’s leader for referring to us, in his statement below, as being “…the prestigious Blog Coalition “ “Prestigious?” Had no idea. But I’ll take it.

Statement by the Head of the Ongoing Blog Coalition Focus Group

I lead a focus group of readers of Blog Coalition to get their feedback on the “USA Make a Difference” unpublished Business and Marketing eBooks. The reaction to the eBooks was through the roof to say the least. Not wishing to give you a “spoiler”, let’s just say that the group loved the difference in the clever format that the eBooks had. “USA Make Difference” eBooks stand apart from the rest, because only “USA Make a Difference” eBooks have been named by the prestigious Blog Coalition as not only having invaluable and useful content to make business owners more successful, but “USA Make a Difference” publishers have just been named as’s pick for “Most Valuable eBooks of the Year. I just wish they’d published the darn things!”