Feeling Very Zen Today

I am feeling very Zen today. As if I am in touch with being able to have things unfold easily. It is true that I have less intensely concentrated tasks today than yesterday, but for some reason August 6th, 2020 feels better than August 5th was.

Sure it is possible actually getting a few hours of sleep is helping this mindset along, but regardless of why I am allowing myself to experience it, I am grateful for that. Because I have had many very difficult times in my spiritual life up until now. And tomorrow could hold more turbulence. If so, I’ll take it on then.

In keeping with this good feeling is DIYdigi writing about digital being a gift.

The website “Over 50 USA” has its own way of tapping into a kind of consciousness that looks at the question “Can you live happily ever after?”

And finally, the people at the Platinum PIAs take on some sadness, but also gratitude for having had time with a good friend.