Feeling Very Un-Zen Today

I’m worried that these rocks are going to fall off and hit me on the foot.

I’m not really feeling out of sorts today, it’s just that I am going all-in on an idea I have for a market I know exists and that I could help. Even with the competition, I believe my idea will prevail. We’ll see. I guess I’m kind of nervous about it because it involves a big commitment on my part.

There is another ambulance siren out there here as I write this in NYC. Someone is sick. Do they have Covid-19? If I seem a little down today, what I am about to show you is not muck of a picker uper. Here’s the latest from DIYdigi.

Per request, here is something on Thrillumentary.

And finally, we close with the Stamas Bros. What happened to them being funny? At least they’re riding bikes.