Everything is Connected

Change to Digital

We’ve all heard the phrase “Everything is Connected” but what does it really mean? I can only speak for myself, but I feel it can be defined as something along the lines of “As human beings are all impacting each other in some manner that is no tangible. There are those who would call this binding agent, spirit. Whatever it is it seems to levy accountability. We are always being watched and must strive to be as good a person as possible, while simultaneously recognizing the imperfections of the world we live in. The Coronavirus has increased my belief in this because we aren’t communicating in person for the most part. Everything is changing including one of my favorite topics: education. This brings us to a brief but interesting post about the change to digital at NYC Workshops.

Creative Homes

Although I have many opinions about spirituality and such, I am finding them to be shifting in the COVID-19 environment we currently live in. While I still hold on to some of my idealism, dreams of things like artist housing have gone down the drain. We even had a website that was once hopeful but COVID-19 has gotten in the way. For example when NYC Housing Lottery first started there was a strong belief that together we could solve the artist housing issue. At the moment that vision and mission are on hold, though, I still feel a connection with those who have participated in working with us trying to make “creative homes” a reality.

Everything is Connected

We aren’t the only ones who in the lockdown in New York City are pursuing their goals. Take for example the family behind the blog Manhattan Coronavirus. They are attempting, and it seems succeeding, with running, a small business from home. This is something we think everyone should at least consider pursuing. In short, if you have a passion for a solution to a very real problem, you just might have an idea that would make sense as a business. And the closer you get to solving a problem for others, the more interconnected you will feel. Because after all, everything is connected.