Education in Many Dimensions

Education can be a lightbulb moment for you in many dimensions. Learn how you can use your existing knowledge or knowledge of your partner to help you gain credibility in business.

Why Do an Online Course?

As always, we seek to bring you content that you will find helpful to your career or business. Today is no different. The area that we will be looking at primarily is education. Education is a big deal these days because of COVID-19 and the fact that many people are still in lockdown. Having access to courses with which they can increase their knowledge are skyrocketing as a result. Take for example the post on “Why Do an Online Course?” from USA eLearning. Though, for clarification, the blog entry is not about taking an online course but rather on MAKING an online course!

Putting Your Knowledge to Good Use

Many of you out there underestimate yourself and we’re begging you to stop it. If you are reading this chances are you have LOTS of knowledge on a very SPECIFIC subject. Or maybe you don’t have knowledge and therefore are partnering with someone who does. Either way, just like the preceding link, we recommend you consider creating your very own online course.

Whatever You Do, Do it from the Heart

There is an article entitled “Working from the Heart” on the USAcreate website. This piece was written with the idea that if you stay true to what you are doing, you will get the result you seek or maybe even more so. Maybe you’re considering doing what we proposed earlier: developing a class on the web. Are you feeling you are lacking in the knowledge you have on a topic that you could be considered an expert on? Stop beating yourself up. Let it go! There are folks out there that would LOVE to learn from you. Or as we also mentioned you could partner with someone who is an expert. Maybe even doing your course interview style in which you ask their person questions that your audience has about a solution to a problem they face.

First Things First

But before you even embark on your journey of making a course, we feel first things first. Specifically the process of choosing an effective domain name. This is explore in detail on DIYdigi. Go to to read the blog entry on picking the best domain name for you and your goals.