Education has Changed in the Big City

An Educator Dad

Is New York’s educational approach in crisis? My being an educator in Manhattan really began when I started doing media programs in the New York Public Library. I felt very supported by the library because of the resources they provided us with but I also learned that education can be challenging, especially in New York City. Lights Camera Read continues to be an education hub even after my partner’s death. Some say there is a crisis in education in the city now that students are doing their learning process online. We don’t feel it is a crisis, at least not with our own experience with distance learning as parents.

Documenting Education During COVID-19

Manhattan, because of the Coronavirus is different though and this does impact education. The city outdoors in most neighborhoods as New Yorkers stay in their apartments during the lockdown. Manhattan Coronavirus is a blog that is documenting these differences by a father and mother of a near teen daughter engaged in the new educational approach: distance learning. The blogger has been documenting every day of the quarantine and his own daughter’s educational experience during COVID-19. Although he speaks of the crisis that some aspects the city are going through, his daughter’s education in a charter school is not one of them.

Education Changing in the Big City

The specific neighborhood that the blogger lives in, in New York City, is called Inwood Manhattan and is far uptown cattycorner to Washington Heights. Education has changed in the big city, now with students studying from home. Educators are clamoring to make this transition, some doing better than others. We don’t have experience with what is happening with the Department of Education’s programs for the public school’s techniques of learning, but we can speak with the confidence of a certain charter school that is doing a wonderful job. According to Wikipedia, a charter school is a school that receives government funding but operates independently of the established state school system in which it is located. We are grateful that this particular charter school exists and it is a fine positive example of education changing in the big city. Is education in crisis in terms of its learning systems for New York kids. There is at least one school that is not.