eBook Creation Overview

Three Blogs are Doing the eBook Development Process

There are three publications that represent the people behind them, is what we will be looking at today. The three contributing blogs are, and

Having Fun

Yianni Stamas appears to be having fun with the development of an eBook and I know from talking with him, he is enjoying working on content for a topic that unfortunately I can not reveal at the time.

Coming Up with an eBook Cover

Web Design Magician’s inhouse graphic artist is facing challenges in coming up with the best possible cover art for the eBook.

Points of Contact

DIYdigi is heading up the sales and distribution of the eBook being made. It can take up to 10 or more points of contact experienced by an individual before that person will actually buy your product or service (unless it is a referral of course). We hope to learn more about DIYdigi’s approach and how they are going to create those 10 points of contact before purchase. Stay tuned!