DIYdigi and the Juxtaposition

An eBook Series

Let’s face it. The news for a couple of months was about COVID-19 on its own, and now it is about the demonstrating and rioting. What does DIYdigi have to do with this juxtaposition, it is that DIYdigi could be the organization that can help people with communication in these times of need. DIYdigi could be almost like a vaccine to ensure that all sides are heard through the development of DIYdigi marketing tools that are then wielded to get out information from all sides. Although Art Gush is another communication company, they right now are helping to develop an eBook series.

Get Your Message Out

What does the new series of DIYdigi have to do with getting your message out? If you as a rioter chooses to be a peaceful demonstrator, then in order to get your message out you could get the assistance of DIYdigi and self identify as an ArtisticPreneur. And of course you can either wield your custom tools yourself or have DIYdigi wield them for you. Either way you’ve gotten your message out without hurting anybody.

Day #86 of a Lockdown

The newsflash is that Manhattan Coronavirus is now on day #86 of its lockdown in NYC and has a brief but interesting post about how the Coronavirus has impacted love. An interesting factoid about the blog Manhattan Coronavirus is that it has been doing a post a day, and thus far has only not done an entry for a single day. This means it has done a post each day, with 85 consecutive entries to date. If you have some free time why not read all posts on the blog Manhattan Coronavirus.