People in New York are starting to venture out, but for those suffering from depression, being outdoors does little for a mood change.


Media Administrators all across the city are depressed. Not necessarily because they suffer from depression, which in some cases might be true, but having your livelihood shut off, it’s enough to make anyone sad. Interesting news at the Media Administration website is that a crew has been formed and members are filming a short film.

Movie Process

The film ironically is about being under the grips of bad mental health. Their approach is much like a reality show where the characters in the story are filmed during their day, supposedly with no input from the crew. That is their movie process. I’ll be interested in what they come up with.

Manhattan Coronavirus

Meanwhile, another “reality” project is being done by a family that are tracking their lives in blog entries. It’s mostly the dad writing and it’s call Manhattan Coronavirus.