Mythical Beings that are Real

Daily Goals

A Sighting of a Mythical Creature

I have them because I need to. I have a role to play in the development of our coalition of blogs bringing you new information every day (if possible) and even including topics like BigFootZombie. BigFootZombie was first seen in the Bronx.

Like a Scene from an Old Horror Flick

It actually happened when we were in a plane traveling over the Bronx as well as were simultaneously writing a guest spot post for Bronx News NYC. The story had to do with a celebrity but in the act of traveling through the air over this beloved section of NYC, I spotted BigFootZombie for the first time. I knew it was BFZ and not just BF by the fact that the creature below was walking with arms outstretched like it was in the original version of “Night of the Living Dead.”

See You Next Time

I’d love to stay and talk more about mythical beings that are real, but I, like the author of the current post at Manhattan Coronavirus, have a remote parent/teacher conference to attend in the living room. So goodbye for now and we’ll see you next time.