Creative Collaborations to Develop Digital Learning Products that Really Make a Difference in the Lives of Those Who Use Them

Giving Back and Making a Difference are Concepts to Live By

Notes of the creative process have been taken out of the secret files of WizNYC, short for “The Wizard of New York City.” The goal here is to find sections of this work-in-progress material, being looked at in terms of answering the question as to whether or not starting a business should be implemented. This site is called Blog Coalition with the mission of being a network of approximately 60 or so blogs in one that form a network with the goal to make a difference.

Our New Year’s Resolution

One of our New Year’s Resolutions is to embark on collaborations with other blogs from the Blog Coalition to do a tad of editing on the secret files, so they are not totally confusing to others, even if they do make sense to the person who created them in the first place.

Already Engaged in the 2022 New Year’s Resolution

One way to look at this is that, in a sense, we have already begun the blog collaborative journey approach. How? Because of involving publications in this procedure including Platinum PIAs, Save NYC Together and USA Make a Difference. Meanwhile though, the most important thing is to have a positive impact on people in need of processes to push their business ideas and passion pursuits, forward.

Today is New Year’s Eve as We Transition Soon to 2022

Have you figured out what your New Year Resolution as for 2022? Have you put time and thought into this?

Possible Help Actualizing Your Resolutions

Our hope is that the information and notes of WizNYC will help you build visibility within the community you wish to reach. How do you retain customers? An important way to get loyal customers is if the product or service solves a serious pain point and problem. What problem are your product or services solving? When you solve a problem that no one else can, you will in fact be making a difference in the lives of your customers.