Why Do a Blog?

Should you choose the journey of writing a blog?

Is This YOUR Journey?

It’s a good question. Should you choose the journey of writing a blog? This leads to the next question which is: why do a blog in the first place? There are several answers to this question actually. Some do it to promote their company or products. The more information you get out there of what you do, the more likely you’ll show up in search engine searches. Of course your content needs to be friendly with SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Other times people write blogs because they have something they need to get off their chests, or just plain and simple they want to be heard. Or there is the documentation of something such as Manhattan Coronavirus does and has been documenting the virus in NYC for 99 days and for day 100 tomorrow, they likely will be backing off of doing daily updates.

Market Your Journey?

And as long as we are talking about documenting something, for some this “something” is their life as can be found in Market Your Journey. The concept of this site is that you document your life while simultaneously marketing your products and services.

Media Administration

Media Administration is all about ways to use media to promote yourself. Video can be an effective way to build visibility for yourself and your business as seen in the latest Media Administration entry. So as you can see there are a lot of different reasons as to why you might want to start putting out there a blog of your own. Will you? Are you?