Corona Update

No one truly is a mind reader, or are they? This is something we don’t know for sure, but one thing is certain, the folks at Become a Mentalist are not turning out people with psychic powers but rather are helping to develop new individuals who are mystery entertainers.

So if we can’t figure out what the Corona Virus is all about through mystical insight, can we do it through science and education? Speaking of education, the Big Apple Awards (a show that celebrates educators) have noted that in this day and age educators who teach K – High School are all heroes. They don’t know any more than anyone else does regarding COVID-19, and yet they, in blind faith, are teaching our youth remotely.

The popular blog Manhattan Coronavirus asks the question “Are we any closer to a solution?” In truth, most likely not. Yet a positive message is spreading, but as it spreads will the disease spread? Those not taking the virus seriously may lead to the killing of more people.