Are You Ahead of Your Time?

No Bounty Guarantee

Being ahead of your time is not always a good thing. In fact, more often than not in can result in negative experiences. You may see a trend coming and then possibly you do not follow it. This leads to someone else doing it first. Then you are upset. Just because you are first does not mean you will share in the bounty as seen in this post in DIYdigi.

How Do You Keep Your Finger on the Pulse?

But okay, let’s say you did act on your premonition of what trend is about to occur. How do you stay relevant? Celebify attempts to answer that question.

Getting “Them” to Believe

Or if you are no longer relevant but have some power, there are ways out. In the post that Coronavirus After has just put up, there is a secret to getting people to believe what is not so.