The Impact of Magic

A Magician Who Had it Together?

Houdini did not have the media opportunities and access that we have today and yet, through what are now considered primitive means, he is still a household name today.

Although Harry Houdini who died in 1926 has been said by some historians to have been not a nice person (and had issues), he did seem to have it together in the magic world. He also had a favorite inspirational quote:

My Brain is the key that sets me free.”

And with a double meaning, since he was an escape artist, it is actually a good thing to think about for solopreneurs or anyone working toward succeeding online. There’s a whole article based on this concept at DIYdigi.

Houdini died in 1926, so how adept at self promotion would he be with the kind of technology we now have available to us?

Are you working on a USA Online Business?

Times have changed for how one does business and promotes one’s self. We have a big paint box now, but we still have to learn how to paint. Houdini’s last “works of art” before he died, were in the form of film, even though video and the web were not around yet. Video Film Web has a brief post about Houdini..

The Impact of Magic

Harry Potter, Harry Houdini

Magic and the Art of Escaping

I have spent some of my time over the past several weeks comparing and contrasting Harry Potter and Harry Houdini. Both are magicians whose first name is Harry but the big difference between them is that Harry Potter is a fictional character in a book and movie series whereas Mr. Houdini was an actual magician entertainer who baffled the world with his magic and art of escaping.

Making a Difference

Although it is a number of months away, Houdini Day (also known as Magic Day) is coming on October 31. The week leading up to it starting Sunday, October 25 is National Magic Week. On October 31st in addition to celebrating Houdini I will also be involved with the USA Magician’s awards ceremony. This ceremony doesn’t just honor magicians, but all those who have been “magic” in terms of making a difference in their communities.


And it seems that today, May 17, there are others out there who are celebrating the legacy and hope that magicians hold for the general public. Magic is a much misunderstood art form and is meant to lift and help the community. For example, in the latest Manhattan Coronavirus post, the blogger makes clear a dedication and passion for all things magic. What are you passionate about? We’d love to know.