Coalition Working Differently

A show of all being on the same page could not be done safely today.


It used to be that we of the Blog Coalition could do a unity pose as shown. But we’re no in different times and these sorts of actions are not recommend. It’s enough to make one sad actually which is the topic of USA Create at the moment.

Feeling Caged

Also, COVID-19 makes some people feel caged. Thrillumentary takes a horror-esque view of this idea.

Do We Dare Go Outside?

And finally, the Manhattan Coronavirus family brings us insight into the temptation to go outside to purchase things needed. It is legal, but is it safe?. They’re still in lockdown


Links in a Chain

Who are you linked to?


Yes, I know it’s a cliché. Links in the chain and all that. But it really is a good metaphor for what the Blog Coalition is about. We’ve haven’t been around that long, only since April 21st. But because we’re a daily blog, we’ve covered a lot of ground, including awards shows. The Platinum PIAs ran for 10 years in Manhattan in theaters all over the city. The show had involved over time, but there was always one consistent element which was that it recognized people who were making a difference in their communities.


On of my all time favorites is Over 50 USA. I think what I like most about it is it’s name. Make me wonder what other ages we could make sites for. “Over 40 USA,” maybe, but we’re likely to not see is “Over 20 USA.” It is a bit ageist to designate a site based on the age of people in it. Yes I understand all the marketing aspects of it, but it really should be more integrated. Ageism is one of the most misunderstood in terms of prejudice. It’s about making visible the discrimination and stereotyping of people in advanced years. “Advanced.” I like that.

50 and 20

Have you checked out Manhattan Coronavirus yet? If not you should. It’s a daily journal of sorts by a man who is in lockdown in the city, and writes about his experiences as well as other topics. As of this writing he is in Day 81! My understanding is that the man is in quarantine with his wife and their 11 year old daughter. I believe he is over 50. So if you are 20 or so you might want to check it out. Because after all, we are all links in the chain. LOL.


Everything is Connected

Change to Digital

We’ve all heard the phrase “Everything is Connected” but what does it really mean? I can only speak for myself, but I feel it can be defined as something along the lines of “As human beings are all impacting each other in some manner that is no tangible. There are those who would call this binding agent, spirit. Whatever it is it seems to levy accountability. We are always being watched and must strive to be as good a person as possible, while simultaneously recognizing the imperfections of the world we live in. The Coronavirus has increased my belief in this because we aren’t communicating in person for the most part. Everything is changing including one of my favorite topics: education. This brings us to a brief but interesting post about the change to digital at NYC Workshops.

Creative Homes

Although I have many opinions about spirituality and such, I am finding them to be shifting in the COVID-19 environment we currently live in. While I still hold on to some of my idealism, dreams of things like artist housing have gone down the drain. We even had a website that was once hopeful but COVID-19 has gotten in the way. For example when NYC Housing Lottery first started there was a strong belief that together we could solve the artist housing issue. At the moment that vision and mission are on hold, though, I still feel a connection with those who have participated in working with us trying to make “creative homes” a reality.

Everything is Connected

We aren’t the only ones who in the lockdown in New York City are pursuing their goals. Take for example the family behind the blog Manhattan Coronavirus. They are attempting, and it seems succeeding, with running, a small business from home. This is something we think everyone should at least consider pursuing. In short, if you have a passion for a solution to a very real problem, you just might have an idea that would make sense as a business. And the closer you get to solving a problem for others, the more interconnected you will feel. Because after all, everything is connected.


When “Alone Time” Goes too Far

Seeking a Cure

Everyone needs alone time now and again, some more than others. But can one have more alone time than they can deal with? Those of us who have families do not have to worry as much as about being lonely than folks who are in lockdown in an apartment in New York City with no one else around. This can lead to that lone person selecting a drug of choice, not literally pharmaceuticals but rather something like going on binges watching documysteries. Some sites in the network analyze viewing a documystery as a cure.

Will You Enter the Arcade?

There are those who say that too many documysteries can lead to entering the Arcade of Confusion. For those of us in the Big Apple, the worst hit city in the nation, it is easy to fall into the trap of thinking that media is the cure to coping. But as our daily blogger says in the current installment of the daily website Manhattan Coronavirus, staying indoors can lead to entering the arcade of confusion.

The New Normal

Using entertainment as a coping mechanism is not new, but the context in which it appears now can not have been anticipated. The blog Entertainment Entrepreneurship has just posted a story about virtual reality versus the new reality (the “New Normal”).


Blogging in a Coronavirus World

Blogging in Pre-B.C. Days?

COVID-19 has changed many areas of our lives, how to get food, seeking gold (toilet paper) and even blogging. Although I’ve been blogging for the Blog Coalition for several years, only very recently was this official website created. This means I’ve been working with B.C. since before coronavirus became a household name. Look, this disease is even affecting Disneyites.

A Creative Process

So how has COVID-19 hit bloggers? I can really only speak for myself. Blogging has changed for me in that it is not just about communicating with others online but it has become NEEDING to do posts. For me, writing a blog post pre-Corona was kind of something I did because it’s a part of what I did to make a living. Now, aside from family, friend and clients, it is at the epicenter of my existence. It is a creative process vital to my well being. It has caused me to see sites such as DIYdigi with new eyes.

A Role to Play

It has new meaning to me now when I cheer on my fellow bloggers writing for blogs like Manhattan Coronavirus. I guess this has all come about because of me now seeing more clearly the role that the Blog Coalition and other blog networks have of sharing with others what they have been experiencing with COVID-19 nipping at their toes.