Your Magic Pathway

Hello. Your quick odyssey is about to begin.


Pursuing what you are after on this road to success, we have a few juncture points via websites/blogs that share in common taking a look at your possible journey. The first is DIYdigi that talks about the city we come to you from. This is a place that has inspired many over the years and could inspire you!

Cosmic Elixirs

Now it’s time to go to Digirefer where if you were a mad scientist would be the place to get collaborators as well as your cosmic elixirs.

Are You a Disneyite?

And finally, we travel to the online destination known as Disneyite. This has out its welcome mat and is only intended for Disneyites. In fact it is one of the largest unauthorized fan sites on the web. Are you a Disneyite?! If yes, please go here to receive your greeting.