Life or Death?

Coronavirus Activity Continues

Some are taking the Coronavirus seriously and regularly check for safety updates on the virus.

Life or Death?

Unfortunately COVID-19 is still alive and well despite the lifting of quarantine status a little bit at a time. This appears to be the popular thing with American citizens because they want to believe that the danger has passed. Politicians go along with this since it helps them build their base but in reality there are still life and death danger.

Impact After Death

Someone who did not pay enough attention to the danger to his life he was facing was the world famous magician, Harry Houdini as seen in this post on the Houdini Day website. Interestingly enough Houdini although dead has continued to have a strong impact on those who are living.

Infused with Life

Speaking of alive versus dead, there are a lot of small eCommerce websites that are dying but could be infused with life if they take the suggestions found in today’s post on How to Get Customers.

Should You Throw Away Your Mask?

Small online businesses may want to go “viral” but most do not want the “virus” known as COVID-19. In today’s edition of Manhattan Coronavirus, our blogger reveals some thought on today as being the day some will throw away their masks and venture into the sunlight. Is this a good idea?