Digital Education

The Evolution of an Idea


You’ve got to start somewhere and it does not matter what you begin with as long as your intent is clear with yourself. You are tasked with the transforming a small concept into a big result. This is the overall theme of the entries (below) we bring you today.

Are You Psychic?

Our first post has to do with the age long desire for psychic ability to be a real thing. Because then just imagine what is possible creatively. This exploration is on the site Become a Mentalist.

Keep it Simple!

The next phase in our creative process has to do with simplification because one of the the hardest things to do is to not overcomplicate. This is detailed on the website of ArtisticPreneur.

A Work in Progress

And finally, you are likely going to want to get your work in progress out there as can be read about on the site of DIYdigi.

Digital Education

Pandemic and the Arts

It has really hit some industries hard as well as the arts. The lower tier players in the arts have had a bad enough time in the past just surviving, let alone now with the Pandemic, some have called it quits. Not everyone though, there are some artists who keep on moving forward: teaching artists. Usually they have some sort of art form that they excel in and are used to teaching while in the same room as their students. This may be changing as seen at NYC Workshops.

Another kind of artist can be found at NYC Housing Lottery.

We started out with educators and now are going to end with them too. Though a different type as seen at DIYdigi.

Digital Education

Learning is a Board Game

In the “Digital Game” teachers need to be trained on how to teach digitally just as students are saddled with the task of being able to learn digitally!

Learning to Teach Digitally

We often focus on the students of the new wave of digital learning that has spread across America because of the Pandemic, but what about the teachers/professors. From kindergarten through college, educators need to learn how to teach digitally. It is like a board game in that for the teacher/professor to win, she or he has to stay one step ahead of their students.

Pressure from the Board Game of Digital Teaching

Educators are under a lot of pressure in this board game. And Ben adds another layer of necessary ingredients to go into their toolkits:

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” -Benjamin Franklin

Despite needing to go the digital route, teachers need to be more interactive than ever with their students per the Benjamin Franklin quote (which is based on a similar Confucius saying).

Posts Across America

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From the Educator’s Perspective

At the new website/blog How to do Online Marketing, we connect you to another post from today on the topic of digital education from the educator’s perspective.

The Coronavirus has Changed Education

And finally, another educational site called How to Get New Customers, features today a brief post about a new way of teaching that has come about because of COVID-19.