Why is a Question Mark Being Hoisted for the Marquee of Education?

Look, we understand teachers have challenges and bandwidth issues. We know the schools don’t have the budget etc. etc. But at some point educators and administrators of those educators need to wake up and smell the coffee. The “get a good job” yadda yadda left the building a long time ago. Someone needs to open their eyes because isn’t education supposed to have at least a component of usefulness?

Alert. Teachers at every level and especially in high schools need to teach the subject matter of how to start a home or small business now. We need to get your attention if we don’t already have it and are going to do so by linking to this article about a fellow who has really large feet.

If you did check out the post that the link, links to, worry not. He is not going to eat you. At least not right now. He just had a snack.

It is important for all educators to read this. Look, if you haven’t noticed, the world has changed. More people are staying indoors, often in their houses or apartments. Those without a remote job, need to make something happen. Unemployment is not going to go on forever. You need to create a Home Business as discussed in this piece in the blog, The Big Apple Awards.

So why is the question mark being hoisted for the marquee of education? It’s because it doesn’t make any sense to not teach useful stuff. Stuff that the student can use for starting a home business or other entrepreneurial venture. If you want to see what happens to students when they are not properly educated, click here.


Sales is What You Do First

Design Your Future Audience

Before you even start writing your eBook you need to think about who your masterpiece will be purchased by. If none of your artistic motivations have an audience, it is back to the drawing board. You need to have buyers and if you design what you are doing toward your future customers, all the better.

Be Super Specific

There’s really no point in not writing for an audience if a monetary return is desired by you. You want it to be nonfiction and to sell a solution or solve a pain point. Plus, you want this group you are targeting to be super specific.

Step by Step

Got your future buyer in mind? Great. Now let the writing begin. More ideas on “selling” can be found at today’s DIYdigi. Another great place to look at is Art Gush’s latest. Or if you like things step by step we recommend visiting Artist Steps.


Branding and Missions

Direct from New York City

What a day today is. We have quickly put together posts either about branding or missions. We’ll start with branding, followed by the two mission ones. Here’s the branding one from NYC AIM (New York City Apprenticeships in Media).


Here is a bit about missions from DIYdigi.


And finally here is a communication from NYC Create.


Variations on Marketing

The three blogs we have for you today are all ones that are presenting something having to do with some aspect of marketing. For example, Media Administration is showing us information on the very important topic of value.

While on the other hand, Movie Process is looking at marketing as it relates to getting an audience for your film.

And finally, let’s take a gander at DIYdigi at As always this blog moves toward solutions that people can do themselves, hence the DIY in the name, standing of course for Do It Yourself, while the entire moniker represents: Do It Yourself Digital Marketing.


eBook Theme Today

Lights Camera Read

Today the theme seems to be “eBooks.” Starting with Lights Camera Read. This volunteer group has discovered, it seems, a new source of donations for nonprofit groups.


DIYdigi responded today to questions about eBooks from readers. This is what the response was.

Magic Neighbors

And the final link for today is to Magic Neighbors. This is info that the library theater company has to share.


Going After a Specific Audience


The blogs/sites whose posts we are going to look at today all have in common in their latest blog entries the concept in marketing of needing to be pursuing a specific audience. Take for example DIYdigi that has a post today featuring the subject matter of “niche.”

Your Career

Whereas DigiComArts explores the opening up to the possibility of doing marketing of your career.


And the website Create Profitable Marketing has a brief article on marketing for your specific needs.


BigFoot Zombie Sightings May Be Good for Marketing

A half asleep tiger from the Bronx Zoo spoke briefly with us though wanted to remain anonymous. He said that in his lifetime at the Zoo he has made at least 25 sightings of BigFoot Zombie and has even seen around 3 to 4 vacationing gryphons.

The BFZ Controversy

There have been numerous sightings of BigFoot Zombies in Upper Manhattan and the Bronx. This is not surprising because this is known to be where the big hairy beings hangout. What is surprising though is that they are packing and using their The Second Amendment rights. The gray area on this is the question: should bigfoot zombies be allowed to carry guns? The people at DIYdigi said “No comment,” maybe because they are in the works with a marketing project that they don’t to get caught up in the BFZ controversy.

Exclusive Interview

The Bigfoot Zombie website on the other hand did an interview with the leader of all the BFZ’s in the Tristate area.


If the BigFoot Zombie topic is of interest to you, you might want to check out the story at the Bronx News NYC website about BigFoot Zombie sightings. A retailor of a men’s clothing store in the area has created a necktie with BigFoot Zombies image on it. He says the sightings have been good for his business in terms of marketing.


Magic and Seeing the Light

It’s “Ancient Greece Day” at the Blog Coalition because a few of our Blog Coalition members have quoted Aristotle in their websites today.

β€œIt is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.” -Aristotle

Let’s start with “magic” by taking a look here at USA Magicians’ post on magic marketing.

Next on our Ancient Greece Aristotle Quote blog entries we bring to you a link to USA Go Digital.

And last but definitely not least we bring you the latest from DIYdigi, which although not coming at you with an Aristotle quote, unveil a more in depth look at the 5 steps of marketing online.


Top Blog Coalition Stories

Make Your Business More Successful

So here are the day’s top Blog Coalition Stories which consists of, and So let’s start with DIYdigi. This blog has daily interesting takes on marketing and marketing tips. Today’s blog entry for example is on the topic of creating your own one page marketing plan to make your business more successful.

Actualize Your Goals

Next is Their post for today is to look at the process to actualize goals.

A Day in the Life

And finally there is today’s blog entry entitled Their post is about the day in the life of an NYC Workshop Presenter.

See You Tomorrow!

Hope you get something out of today’s posts and join us tomorrow more new blog entries!


Thank You Albert Einstein


Here is a saying by Einstein that has been making its way around the Blog Coalition world, with a couple of blogs using it as the centerpiece of their posts. This is the quote:

Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world. – Albert Einstein.


As mentioned, this has been explored by various publications. One of them in particular we think brings up some good points: DIYdigi. It was written by Marketer Magician.

Marketer Magician

Marketer Magician can also be seen on his website which is locate at A friend of his writes about him and uses the Einstein quote in the process.

Market Your Journey

“Market Your Journey” takes a look at the Einstein quote also.