Have You Integrated Dark Social Into Your Promotion Plan?

Awareness of Dark Social

This go-around we are looking at three sites in particular that are all looking at the issue of Dark Social and the part it plays in marketing today. Our first link is from DIYdigi on the awareness of Dark Social.

Dark Social in the Film Industry

Next comes a piece from today by Documystery that explores briefly the usage of Dark Social in the Film Industry.

Include it in Your Plan

And finally we have Entertainment Entrepreneurship that just blogged about entertainment and including it in your Dark Social marketing plan.


An Award Show’s Rebirth

The wheels of process are turning at the headquarters of DIYdigi.

New Awards Show

DIYdigi has inherited the new version of a website and awards show that existed for a solid 10 years. Now DIYdigi is hearing suggestions from all over the internet regarding what they believe that the new Awards Show should be called.

Video Film Web

It’s no surprise that the founders of Video Film Web are participating in some way with this process.

Web Design Magician

And the folks at Web Design Magician are putting in their two cents.


The Blog Landscape is Changing or it is Not

Changing or Not?

There are different ways you can process the change that is happening: with fear or with love. For some it is impossible to see what is happening because they are still wearing the glasses of the past. Everything is changing and has already changed because “The Blog Landscape is Changing or is Not.”

The Feelings have Been Pushed Through

Please make it not about sides. Because fear doesn’t have a side. It is just plain fear. And love doesn’t have a side either. Can you combine the two? It is currently a world that is new that is actually an old saying: “Might makes right.” Pure and simple, if you feel threatened you are in need of perspective. The concepts of revolution haven’t changed for more than a millennium. It’s still the same old, same old and it is not going away. The feelings have been pushed through and are not going to be taken back in.

DIYdigi and OffMedia

One organization that is living in the process is DIYdigi. They are a marketing group though they prefer to be called value providers. The company OffMedia is much the same.

What Now?

So what are we to do now.? Let’s look at DIYdigi’s recent blog post entitled “Will DIYdigi make the adjustment needed in the new revolution?”

Are You On the Train?

The awards show “US Make a Difference” Awards is getting on the train also and their current blog entry is: “Is a change a revolution?”

The New-New Age?

And finally a big part of USA Online Business is looking at what is happening and to process how to leverage it. Thankfully the site named for this faction is the term itself “USA Online Business.” If you click through to them you will see that they are looking for a way in that makes sense because we need to look at the way that business promotion is changing in the new age. Which we like to call the New-New age.


Things are Chaotic Here in NYC

Getting Demands Out There

What a weird time this is. Some say that the world is coming to an end. Or maybe it’s just humans being humans in a more external way than usual? There are important issues being looked at though. And I get that the protesters, looters and vandals are achieving better results to get their message out since they started to trash stores, light buildings (and cars) on fire and spray paint their demands.

Whose Fault is This?

So whose fault is all this? First and foremost it is the people who could have given a green light to putting more dollars into community building but did not. These politicians didn’t do it via the seekers “playing nice” so the change makers upped their game and started shooting people and knocking down statues. Now those who are a part of the revolution have gotten the ear of the mayor for example, who is thoroughly frightened and is willing to do virtually anything they want including giving them a billion dollars of taxpayer money. What’s the lesson here? Might makes right!

Fireworks Bring on Ominous Stories

Meanwhile, there are those who believe that the protestors are behind the influx of fireworks in Upper Manhattan. Check out the fire works story here on and YOU decide.

Do You Want to Write and Publish a “How To” Ebook?

Going now in a completely different direction, we take a look at the ideas of writing your own “How To” eBook and getting it published. “Invent Mentalism” is doing that right now and are sharing their story.

Online Marketing

And finally, let’s take a look at “marketing.” DIYdigi has a lot to say on this topic today, as they look into the question “Does Email Marketing work?”


A View of New York

Watching You 24/7

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a New Yorker to the core even though I came from California to New York over thirty years ago. I love New York, I really do. But what has been happening in our great city makes me very sad. Life as we know it is changing here in Manhattan, some of it good and some of it bad. True, violence is getting results, but at what cost? Our lives are being interrupted both online and off. And online in a manner of speaking is as bad as offline.

Big Brother is Real

Online has become the “Big Brother” that was always feared could happen. Well, it’s happened. Digital Marketers can known more about you than you may remember about yourself. You are by default being tracked all over the web. That’s why DIYdigi has been building a better, less intrusive mousetrap that only presents you with opportunities when you are looking for them.

US Make a Difference

And now, more than ever, we need to see the positives despite all the killing, looting and takedown of small businesses. DIYdigi’s philosophical focus is in their Awards Show. This show will be coming your way online on October 31st in conjunction with the Houdini Day Awards (for marketing and show business) and the Big Apple Awards (for teachers and community members).

A DocuMystery out of Control

These days New York feels like a DocuMystery out of control. We hope that a happy outlook will help in some way.


Who Are the Disneyites?

Enjoying myself while briefly analyzing the posts of Disneyite, DIYdigi and Digirefer, the three Ds!

Having a Purpose

Who are the Disneyites? One of our favorite websites is Disneyite. For no particular reason except we like the name and are inspired by their loyalty and passion. We can all learn from that. Dedicating ourselves to our purpose and following through on it.

Oprah Speaks

The thing that the three links for this week have in common is that they are all drawing their inspiration from this quote by Oprah:

“If you look at what you have in life, you’ll always have more. If you look at what you don’t have in life, you’ll never have enough.” -Oprah Winfrey


Even DIYdigi jumped on to the Oprah bandwagon and in a manner of speaking, talked about the impact her quote had on them.


And finally DigiRefer. We are happy they are doing well and are Oprah-ized. Maybe the Disney-ites will form a second organization of Oprah-ites?!


Evolve Your Remote Business

If you are mostly staying in, this post could be useful to your online business.

The Inspirational Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs has been on our minds quite a bit lady as has been manifested in the updates of the three “Blog Coalition” blogs we’re looking at today.

Get the First of the 3 Online Marketing eBooks

We have available today some really terrific links that will be valuable to anyone seeking to develop an online business. The first link is from DIYdigi where there is a bit of talk about Digital Transformation. This is an especially important tool, especially because the Pandemic is causing many of us to have to evolve our remote businesses. DIYdigi also presents the fact that they give you three things free when you subscribe.

Coronavirus After

“Corona Virus After” has some has some relevant information in regards to the current state of businesses on the web. It might help you with your business.

And finally, we look at “Digi Com Arts.” This is formerly one of the Video Film Web Apprentice locations before VFW’s close.


You have to act like a dog to get the bone.

Do you want to be top dog?

Attain Your Dreams

Do you want to get the bone or not? Becoming successful is much more than just having the right tools through organizations like DIYdigi. You need more than just a “Do It Yourself Digital” path to follow to attain your dreams. Here’s how Pluto’s inventor puts it:

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” -Walt Disney

Look Inside Yourself

It doesn’t matter where you’re from as seen at Bronx News NYC. What matters is WHO you are inside and how badly YOU WANT IT.

You have to Celebify yourself.


Make Yourself Digital

Is making yourself digital a positive thing? It depends on the circumstance.


The fact of the matter is, you are already digital thanks to the documentation of you digitally that happens daily in so many ways. This includes your actions on social being tracked, your smart phone being watched over, and your doctor visits which leads to the spreading of some of your most private information. So when we say “Make Yourself Digital,” we mean the the AUTHORIZED spreading of your “image” to create opportunities for you. One of these is joining a Blog Coalition like this one as seen today on the the DIYdigi site.

US Make a Difference

You might even win a “US Make a Difference” Award as seen on the website of the Big Apple Awards.

Sasquatch Undead

And finally, even if you are a Big Foot Zombie you can benefit making yourself digital as seen here.


Use eLearning to connect with your audience.

There are many consumers and users out there. You need to figure out who yours is. It makes the difference between success and failure.

Lead Magnet?

You can use eLearning to connect with your audience. In fact, you can discover how to do almost anything in this day of the digital education revolution. It really is quite extraordinary. For example, DIYdigi can help you use a “lead magnet” to get more customers.

Who are You Trying to Reach?

Also a part of this revolution is the desire of many to become entrepreneurs. It can be done, but first you need to make certain that you know who your ideal customer is, then you can build everything around the idea of reaching that kind of person. There is a site called USA eLearning that has information on this and other topics. It is a new site so it doesn’t have a lot of content on it yet.

What Do You Need?

It is important to carefully figure out what you need. That way you can go after it with confidence!