Can Luck Be Made?

Increase Your Luck

One can increase one’s luck through the process of reaching out to others. An example of this is the Blog Coalition that consists of a group of more than 50 blogs, all of which share their resources with each other. There is indeed strength in numbers when it comes to promoting yourself or your business.

Overcoming Fear

Being mindful is another way of increasing your luck. If you internally search your life and relationships it could become clearer to you, which aspects of your life have a positive influence, as well which folks have a negative impact? Being self-aware can cause you to be empowered to make better choices leading to consciously creating luck. When you are afforded true opportunities, even if you have fear, be sure to take them. This decision can potentially lead to even more positive results.

Toss Out Non-Solutions

Another way you can make your own luck is by recognizing that there are things you can change and others that you cannot. Take an inner snapshot and try to be objective about which of these you are experiencing at this moment. One of the ways that people avoid luck is by getting on a path toward something that cannot be changed. In other words, they unconsciously push luck away from themselves and focus instead on non-solutions.

It Starts with Awareness

Although this is difficult for many people, the idea is to remain agile. Not so shut down in your approach that you do not have the flexibility to usher in new and positive solutions. How do you become more agile if you tend to be regimented and tense? The first step is to be aware you are doing this. Only through awareness of issues can you be freed up enough to welcome transformation.

Allow Yourself to Be Lucky

If you allow yourself to feel luckier this could not only make you happier but may even lead to a luckier you. Because remember, a happier outlook allows you to see opportunities when you are presented with them. It also makes it more likely that you will act on those opportunities.

Figurative or Literal

Take note of your affirmations. As many know, either literally or figuratively putting yourself in front of a mirror so that you can stare back at yourself, is a great place to start with the luck building process. You then can say affirmations to yourself such as “I am lucky, I am happy, I am prosperous,” and so forth. You likely already know this but sometimes we as humans forget what we know and therefore do not utilize it. Something else you probably know is that just as you can affirm with the positive, you can also enable/reinforce the negative.

Fixating on the Negative

Do you fixate on past negative actions that you may have taken? Do you have the present belief that you are not a good person and are in fact a bad one? If this describes you it is going to be tougher for you than others, to create your own luck. But it can be done! Again, maintain focus on the positive and look for ways to make sense of your life as you do so.

Eliminate the Clutter

And sometimes it is something as simple as getting more organized that can bring you luck. There is something about not having clutter in your life, whether it be in a physical way or a mental one, that lends itself to going forward toward good things.

Giving Back

Another tactic is to give back and increase your positive karma. Do something nice for others. Help them achieve their goals. Or even just commit to and become a kinder person. The more positivity you give out, the more likely that it comes back to you in the form of luck.


Regardless of which way you implement the creation of luck in your life, just being conscious of pursuing this can in and of itself make a big difference. Pardon the pun, but GOOD LUCK!


The Game

Long Term Growth

As of this writing, the third in line in terms of net worth is Warren Buffett.  He is known for holding on to stocks over the long term and believes that you need to hold on to a stock sometimes as long as a decade of more before seeing any real growth.

Your Unique Perspective

As experts will tell you, diversification is a good approach, so that not all your money is in one place but rather spread out over many different investments. Also, reinvention is a good one. You may see your holdings in one way, but with a few tweaks you can reinvent your portfolio. This can occur by seeing your investments in a whole new light. This is case in point with being an innovator. Do not follow the pack except when it is prudent to do so. Otherwise, factor in enough wiggle room so your unique perspective and convictions can come through.

Push the Boundaries

But you must always be disciplined, hold on tight and look at your investments as what they are, a way to make more money. But just because that is the end goal doesn’t mean you can not push the boundaries.


Just as every person is different, billionaires are different too. Take for example Oprah. She could have done an average talk show but instead aspects of her unique and passionate personality came through. She showed how making a difference can be its own reward.

Careful of Haters

A very important component of success involves not listening to haters. Haters can come in many forms. They can be your friends, your family and others. Just because they do not see your vision does not mean that it is wrong.

One option for success can be to take on a partner. It can make it a less lonely road.


Things are changing.

Everybody Loves a CAUSE

“Things are changing” is quite an open ended statement that in these trying times can mean many things. Though, in this edition, we are not exploring current affairs. We are looking instead at something very specific. It is the question: what is up with DIYdigi? It wasn’t known by many in the industry that they were working on an eBook on “Cause Marketing.” This form of marketing is thought of fondly by many agencies.

Home Business Achievers?

But then suddenly, DIYdigi was no longer the entity working on it. It had mysteriously been passed to an organization which is not yet even a collective because it is merely a group of a few folks that call themselves home business achievers.

Two Blogs with No Mentions

The website Corona Virus After (they are pretty plugged in with DIYdigi) don’t even mention the change. Nor does Create Profitable Marketing that is the brain child of DIYdigi.

The lesson here is that you’ll never know what happens next. Things are changing.


eBook Creation Overview

Three Blogs are Doing the eBook Development Process

There are three publications that represent the people behind them, is what we will be looking at today. The three contributing blogs are, and

Having Fun

Yianni Stamas appears to be having fun with the development of an eBook and I know from talking with him, he is enjoying working on content for a topic that unfortunately I can not reveal at the time.

Coming Up with an eBook Cover

Web Design Magician’s inhouse graphic artist is facing challenges in coming up with the best possible cover art for the eBook.

Points of Contact

DIYdigi is heading up the sales and distribution of the eBook being made. It can take up to 10 or more points of contact experienced by an individual before that person will actually buy your product or service (unless it is a referral of course). We hope to learn more about DIYdigi’s approach and how they are going to create those 10 points of contact before purchase. Stay tuned!


Home Business Member?

Make Being a Member Official

Are you a member? Are you a home business member. If you have a home business you are already a member so why not make your membership official.

It’s Not Easy

Running a home business can be challenging at times. Or if you are not yet a home business you should probably think twice before jumping in because it is not going to be easy.

Some Blogs to Check Out

Check out this blog entry at DIYdigi. Or here is another entry on a similar topic at Or here’s a business that didn’t realize they were a home business!


Addressing a Problem

If you are growing a tree, don’t tie it up.

We know it is all about addressing the problem rather than hiding from the problem because unless you address it, it is going to continue to plague you. Of course there is always the possibility that will go away on its own, but this rarely works.

As entrepreneurs we have several destinations possible. Each with its own particular challenges. But we’re not the only people experiencing this. There are others.

Take for example DIYdigi. Will they slay the dragon?

Or how about USA Create?

Or even another USA business, USA eLearning.


Getting an Overview of Media

At the moment I am trying to figure out the relationships of, and get an overview (or common thread), that all of today’s links have in common. For better or worse I am going to go with the notion that all three are pretty personal. For example the one that I am about to link to was likely created in real time as it personally unfolded for the writer. Marketer Magician changed his style a bit in this post.

This blog entry on DIYdigi today is kind of a “non-post.” If you read it you’ll understand what I am talking about.

This final piece of the personal puzzle, is a concept that is often talked about but is it really followed through on? You decide.


Employee Marketing is the Theme for Today

What’s your business? Do you have employees? Even if you don’t, this post can give you ideas of what to do in terms of your future employees.

This first link isn’t actually directly related to employee marketing because it is a site for parents of kids call “Manhattan Kids Guide.” Though, one could make the connection as being that kids grow up to be employees or maybe even the CEO of her or his own entrepreneurial project!

We now bring you Manhattan Magician’s latest. He is by night the Manhattan Magician and by day is a manager and marketer. This blog post is interesting because Mr. Magician decides to present an Employee Marketing strategy to magicians in the hope that they will learn to believe in themselves as business people and promoters.

Number 3 is the website DIYdigi looking at Employee Marketing Strategies.


“Cause Marketing” is What We are Looking at Today.

Cause Marketing

Three websites from the coalition are posting today on the topic of “Cause Marketing.” Cause marketing is of course when you help others in need and in the process your business flourishes. More details can be found in this blog entry of DIYdigi.


Next we are going to take a peek at MagicPreneurs.

The Blog on the Coronavirus

And finally, here is Manhattan Coronavirus.


New eBook on its Way

T.G.I.F. Attempt Last Friday

You may notice that today is Monday and there hasn’t been any activity on this blog since Friday. That’s because we are trying to make the the transition to spending our time like normal people do. You know, work Monday to Friday and then have the weekends off…Not! Still worked over the weekend a bit. Darn!

The Experiment

Our first first website with an eBook connection, is that of “Invent Mentalism.” This was our first eBook in this experiment and it was pretty successful. Check out a post about the eBook here.

eBooks and Violence

Next check-in is a snippet on a juxtaposition of living in Inwood Manhattan and the violence, while simultaneously writing an eBook.

And the Experiment Continues

And finally, a look at what DIYdigi is up to, in conjunction with news of the writing of the next eBook in the “eBook Experiment.”