Can Luck Be Made?

Increase Your Luck

One can increase one’s luck through the process of reaching out to others. An example of this is the Blog Coalition that consists of a group of more than 50 blogs, all of which share their resources with each other. There is indeed strength in numbers when it comes to promoting yourself or your business.

Overcoming Fear

Being mindful is another way of increasing your luck. If you internally search your life and relationships it could become clearer to you, which aspects of your life have a positive influence, as well which folks have a negative impact? Being self-aware can cause you to be empowered to make better choices leading to consciously creating luck. When you are afforded true opportunities, even if you have fear, be sure to take them. This decision can potentially lead to even more positive results.

Toss Out Non-Solutions

Another way you can make your own luck is by recognizing that there are things you can change and others that you cannot. Take an inner snapshot and try to be objective about which of these you are experiencing at this moment. One of the ways that people avoid luck is by getting on a path toward something that cannot be changed. In other words, they unconsciously push luck away from themselves and focus instead on non-solutions.

It Starts with Awareness

Although this is difficult for many people, the idea is to remain agile. Not so shut down in your approach that you do not have the flexibility to usher in new and positive solutions. How do you become more agile if you tend to be regimented and tense? The first step is to be aware you are doing this. Only through awareness of issues can you be freed up enough to welcome transformation.

Allow Yourself to Be Lucky

If you allow yourself to feel luckier this could not only make you happier but may even lead to a luckier you. Because remember, a happier outlook allows you to see opportunities when you are presented with them. It also makes it more likely that you will act on those opportunities.

Figurative or Literal

Take note of your affirmations. As many know, either literally or figuratively putting yourself in front of a mirror so that you can stare back at yourself, is a great place to start with the luck building process. You then can say affirmations to yourself such as “I am lucky, I am happy, I am prosperous,” and so forth. You likely already know this but sometimes we as humans forget what we know and therefore do not utilize it. Something else you probably know is that just as you can affirm with the positive, you can also enable/reinforce the negative.

Fixating on the Negative

Do you fixate on past negative actions that you may have taken? Do you have the present belief that you are not a good person and are in fact a bad one? If this describes you it is going to be tougher for you than others, to create your own luck. But it can be done! Again, maintain focus on the positive and look for ways to make sense of your life as you do so.

Eliminate the Clutter

And sometimes it is something as simple as getting more organized that can bring you luck. There is something about not having clutter in your life, whether it be in a physical way or a mental one, that lends itself to going forward toward good things.

Giving Back

Another tactic is to give back and increase your positive karma. Do something nice for others. Help them achieve their goals. Or even just commit to and become a kinder person. The more positivity you give out, the more likely that it comes back to you in the form of luck.


Regardless of which way you implement the creation of luck in your life, just being conscious of pursuing this can in and of itself make a big difference. Pardon the pun, but GOOD LUCK!