Bringing You More Marketing Tips

Meet Marketer Magician. Don’t shake is hand because of the virus, but definitely check out his marketing post below.

Create Marketing Opportunities

You asked for it, so we’re bringing it to you: more marketing tips. Many of you own businesses or are embarking on an entrepreneurial venture, so you feel it is important for you to Create Profitable Marketing.

A Link of Eventual Learning

The link you just saw (Create Profitable Marketing) is more than a sales pitch for our upcoming course, but is a mantra that all small businesses and others needing clients and customers, need to integrate into their marketing strategy. Meaning, don’t wait for promotional opportunities to come to you, but instead create them yourself!

Get FREE Marketing Stuff

Before detailing how some members of the Blog Coalition are now bringing you ways to be more visible, we would be remise not to mention DIYdigi as your source for weekly promotion stimulation for your organization. If you go to right now you can get three free ways to get ongoing marketing tips that are useful for your venture. The three free things are: a marketing newsletter, a marketing eBook and a customized marketing plan. Go to DIYdigi now to get started.

Marketing in a Cornavirus World

Meanwhile we want to let you know about three websites that have just come out with marketing content today. The three blogs are Manhattan Corona Virus .com, MagicPreneur .com and of course DIYdigi .com. Manhattan Coronavirus, as you may know, was a 100 days of lockdown experiment in which a family revealed daily about their experiences during quarantine. This website now features monthly posts about marketing in a Coronavirus World.

A Magician Marketing Site for Everyone

Another blog with marketing content is Magicpreneur. Although this blog is intended for magicians who are also entrepreneurs, it is also useful to anyone who is an entrepreneur and wants access to monthly sharing of promotions that really work.

Take Control of Your Marketing Strategy

And finally, DIYdigi has post today about how to take control of your marketing strategy.