Breaking News All Hands on Deck

Calling all bloggers, please cover the story that the mainstream press is not.

All We ask is that You Consider Opening Your Eyes

Breaking news, all hands on deck. Hopefully that’s what our government is doing. Things are going on in America that if we don’t take action, we are quite frankly, well, screwed. COVID-19 has been a form of magician misdirection. While we focus on whether or not we can go outside or not, other bad things are happening in the background and appear to be largely not noticed as dangerous by both Democrats and Republicans. As of right now there are NOT a lot of news outlets or even blogs, that are covering this story. One of the few that is, is our daily resource known as Manhattan Coronavirus.

Parents Wake Up

If you are a parent who is doing the best job you can raising your child (as is the dad in today’s post at Manhattan Kids Guide) you might be doing well by your family to put your feelers out. It is one thing to unite with peaceful protestors, but another to turn a blind eye to those who are setting up shop for chaos.

Advanced Conjurers

This is a moment in time where we can focus on being entertained, such as by a MagicPreneur, when we would probably be better served by taking note of the misdirection in play by advanced conjurers.